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2018 Willie Loughman Memorial Forest Rally

Round 1 2018 Willie Loughman

Date Date: Saturday 20th January 2018 @ 09:00am

location Location:  Carrick On Suir Motor Club

Round 1 2018 Willie Loughman
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Update 22nd January 2018:
A new press release with more details from the Carrick on Suir Motor Club was published today - See above

Also, Final Instructions 1 Now Online

New Time & Distance Schedule also released

Update 4th January 2018:
Time & Distance Schedule updated due to a typo in the first version.
This has now been corrected - hopefully.

Update 3rd January 2018:
Rally HQ:
The Carraig Hotel, Carrick on Suir.

Scrutiny & Parc Ferme based in the Mill River Business Park,
Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary.

Entries are now open.
Official Closing Date: Wednesday 24th January 2018.

Mechanical Scrutiny:
Friday 2nd February 2018 - 1700hrs to 2200hrs.
Saturday 3rd February 2018 - 0700hrs to 0930hrs.

Documentation Scrutiny:
Friday 2nd February 2018 - 1730hrs to 2200hrs.
Saturday 3rd February 2018 - 0800hrs to 0945hrs.

Competitors Safety Briefing:
@ Parc Ferme in Mill River Business Park (Scrutiny Area)
Saturday 3rd February 0950hrs

First Car Away: 1115hrs
First Car Finish: 2003hrs

More info to follow...


Service Notes

Service 1:
147 - Peter Beaton. Over from Scotland for first forest event in Ireland. Leading J1000 times. Really enjoying it.


146 Aoife Gahan. Only j1000 lady. Had a good loop but lost a little time after hitting a chicane.


145 Jason Murphy. Taking time to get used to being back in the wood. But enjoying the day so far.


137 Anthony Roche. Bit under power. First time doing forest. Good craic.


134 Paul McMahon. good run. A couple of moments. But starting to feel more confident.


130 Mike Garahy 1 Slippy. 2 nice. Going steady on first loop


132 Anthony Masterson. First forest. 1 was slippy but 2 was great. Felt more confident and found the extra horses


129 Brian Little. Starter gone on stage 2 so being careful. Going to get it fixed in service.


128. Kieran Lynch. Stage 2 was nice. Taking it easy for now. Getting used to the surface


127. James Dunphy. Good craic. Car is a bit of a handful. Need to get used to it. No moments.


126 Adrian Beattie cautions on 1 but 2 was faster. Having fun. Planning to finish. Trying to be sensible.


125 Sean Benskin. Spin on 2 at a hairpin. No damage. Lost a few seconds


124 Jenna McCannFirst time in woods after being plagued by us to have a go. Good fun. Testing the width of the road


123 Karl Fallis is sitting on the left for the first time. Steep learning curve. Hopefully keep it between the ditches.


150 Emmett Cronin stalled on hairpin on 1 and a nice view of dear on 2 but no contact made.


117 Ian Dickson. First time left hand drive. A lot of getting used to and the car has more power than used to. No moments.

116. Jody McManus got no time to test the but getting used to the car. Happy so far.


115 James Wilson bests 2 stages in his life. First woods and loving it.


114 Jason Dickson couldn’t get a rhythm on 1 but getting there on 2. Learning the car


122 Jordan Hone. Learning the new car. Very different from the 4 wheel drive.


111 Marty Gallagher. Getting back into the swing of things. Brushed a chicane. But all’s good


110 John O’Sullivan. think we’re leading junior. Settle in as a new team. Might change Tyres. Struggling for grip.


109 Johnnie Mullholland very slippy. Great battle already. Keeping us on our toes.


108 Derek Mackarel. Not keeping an eye on times. Just keep going and go for a finish.


107 Tommy O'Connell. Finally in the woods again. Big race to get going. But really enjoying getting back into it.


105 Adrian Hetherington 1 was slippy and 2 was dippy. But having a great day.


103. Micky Conlon. Getting used to bigger engine. Wrong gear all day. But will get that as the day goes on.


102 Shane Mcgirr. All over the place. Checking suspension in service. Spinning away from the start.


106 John Gordon got a puncture. But we are still going. Aiming for a finish. Great navigator even had his own wheel brace.


31. Gemma Kerley pipe came loose navigator fixed it and left bonnet pins out. So broken windscreen. Oops!!


3 Barry McKenna bit more seat time needed. Not a lot of testing done. Looking forward to night stages

6 Ger Lucey. Good loop. Cautious on 1. Better on 2. Great entry.


8 John Reid taking it easy. No mistakes. Trying to be sensible and get to the finish.


9 Niall Henry. Happy with the stages. Starting to enjoy the car after all the work done last year.


10 Liam Regan. Spin on stage 1 to entertain the cameras. Still learning the car


12 Stephen McCann might be converted to forest. Building confidence. Happy enough.


15. Michael Carbin exhaust smoking on stage 2 kind of made me cautious. Get it sorted in


17 Joe Hegarty. happy to get through loop. Might soften the suspension a bit in service. No big moments


18 Ashley Dickson. New car. Lovely car. No testing. Very cautions on 1. Huge difference in the car.


21 Graeme Colfer. Going well. Delighted.


23 John Mullholland baptism of fire. First time in the woods. Amazed at the speed the lads can do. Keep it between the ditches. Steep learning curve.


27 Paul McCann fantastic car. Just to get used to. Enjoying it. Bit slippy.


22 Pauric Sheridan. bit of a misfire earlier but great car in the woods. Loving it



30 Richie Dalton 1 slippy 2 was good. Takes a minute to get back into the groove after the break.


45 Austin Snow. First in a forest in 10 years. Getting used to it. It’s a long day. So just planning to finish.



Service #2:

Service 2 - Peter Beaton, snapped the exhaust as the ground was a bit bumpy, loving the stages


Service 2 - Aoife Gahan had a clean run, no issues


Service 2 - Jason Murphy definitely upped the pace on this loop, happy with the stages


Service 2 - Mike Garahy happy with the times on the second loop, second stage has cut up in stages after the 4wd’s but still good craic


Service 2 - Paul O’Connell took a bit of a chicane into service with him but no major issues, has opened the bales up a bit for the rest!


119. Michael Lenehan. Getting there after the break.


128. Keiran Lynch. Good loop. Good run through last stage


Service 2 - Ruairi MacArtain having great craic at his first rally, has made up a lot of time this loop and happy with how the car is going


Service 2 - Brian Little had a couple of iffy moments on the second stage of the second loop, but all in all enjoying the rally today


Service2- 126 Adrian Beattie. Good loop. A bit quicker relaxed into it now. Long day


Service 2 - Sean Benskin had a good run in the fun stages, no issues


Service 2 - Jenna McCann had no issues today, staying cautious on the gravel but loving it


Service 2 - Karl Fallis having a good run, staged seem to be holding up well with the volume of cars


Service2- Alan Commins happy. Bit quicker through that run. A couple of close calls. But all ok.


Service 2 - Ian Dickson finding that the second stage was a little rough, hitting a stone but not causing any major issues


Service2- 116 Jody McManus. Good loop. Took 30 seconds in total. So constantly improving. Long day. No mishaps.


Service 2 - James Wilson found that loop a bit sloppier but taking 6 or 7 seconds off their first time so happy out


Service 2 - Jason Dickson similar to his brother Ian finding the second stage more slippy and hit the same stone!


Service2- 112 Jordan hone. More confidence in the new car after every mile. No mishaps just refuel myself and the car in service


Service 2 - John O’Sullivan tried new tyres and they seem to be helping with grip, improving on time each stage and having fun


Service2-108 Derek Mackarel. Ok run. No drama. Held up well. No mishaps.


Service 2 - Tommy O’Connell fastest time in that loop, loving the stages and loving being back in the forest


Service2- 103 Micky Conlon. Good loop. Steady run. 2-3 of a lead.


Service2- 106 John Gordon made a few adjustments to the car. Better run. Too far back to be taking any chances.


Service 2 - Shane McGirr happy to be back in the forest and happy with how the stages are holding up saying, stages will be bumpy, but that’s forest rallying.


Service 2 - Barry McKenna having fun in the stages but says they are getting a little greasy, hoping the fresh stages later will be as fun


Service2- Barry McKenna. fuel surge or misfire losing a little time.


Service 2 - Ray Breen enjoying getting back in the swing of things this year, found that the stages are holding up well


Service2- Ger Lucey good loop. Happy with everything so far.


Service 2 - Niall McCullagh has had a good clean run so far today with no issues


Service2 John Reid no problem. Stages holding up well.


Service2- Liam regan. 3 was ok. up a bank on 4 lost a few seconds all good otherwise.


Service2 Stephen McCann fastest on 3 all ok going well.


Service 2 - Joe Hegarty saying that they were using ever bit of the road out in the second loop even the ditches!

Service2 - Mark Murphy radiator burst on the way to 1 so fixed in service and got to finally see the stages on that loop.


Service 2 - Stephen Dickson being sensible today (for once) and keeping the new wheels between the hedges, no issues


Service2- PJ O’Connor going well holding 4th in class.


Service 2 - Conor McCourt having a good enough day with no major issues, happy enough with times getting back into things this year


Service2. John Mullholland. Happier. A lot more confident. With the car. But not happy that the young buck is beating the pants off him. Might be listening to this for a while.


Service 2 - Paul McCann says that he’s looking forward to the next loop of stages and that he has had a good day so far, no issues at all


Service2- Pauric Sheridan forgot to turn on the demister on the last run. So spent the stage wiping screen. But stage 3 went well.


Service 2 - Austin Snow looking forward to the next stages, has had a good day so far


Service2- Patricia Denning up on times. Getting the hang of it now. Carrick-on-Suir are running a great event.



Service #3:

Service 3- 147. Peter Beaton fight with a chicane. Lost the exhaust. A little battered but still going.


Service3 145 Jason Murphy very tricky last stage. Getting a nice bit of time back. Can’t wait for the night stages


Service 3. Car 134 Paul McMahon enjoyed it. Caught a car on the last stage and lost a little time.


Service 3 car 38. Delighted to be leading the class


Service 3 130 Mike Garahy long stage was good. But tiring. Could use power steering. Looking forward to the night stages.


Service 3 - 132 Anthony Masterson. Loved the long stage. Thoroughly enjoying it.


Service 3- 121 Martin O’Brien. Happy with the last loop. Looking forward to night stage.

Service 3 car 131. Absolutely brilliant day. Loved the long stage. Ready to try it in the dark.


Service 3 127 James Dunphy likes the first stage after service. Having good fun. Delighted to be still going and ready for the dark.


Service 3 129 Brian Little. Loves being interviewed. 😂 all going well.


Service 3 125 Sean Benskin enjoyed the long stage. Grip was good. Big lights ready for the dark.


Service 3 124 Jenna McCann tired after that long stage. But enjoyed it. Learning a lot as the day goes on.


Service 3 128 Keiran Lynch. A little noisy. Maybe a broken manifold on the last stage. Will fix it in service.


Service 3- 123 Karl Fallis fell asleep halfway through the long stage and had an overshoot. Learning a lot today.


Service 3- 150 Emmett Cronin great run on that loop. Loved it. Thinks we’re leading the class. Enjoying the battle with Alan Commins


Service 3- 126 Adrian Beattie loves the long stage. Hoping to break the bad luck for this rally and get a finish.


Service 3- Jody McManus no intercom on that loop. Was very tough. But we did ok considering.


Service 3- 114 Jason Dickson. Did well that loop. Really enjoyed the long stage. Tipped a bait but got away with it.


Service 3- 108 Derek Mackarel. Still going well so far. Put on a bit push on that loop and it seemed to work out ok.


Service 3- 107 Tommy O’Connell. Fuel issues on the last loop. But she seems to have cleared herself. Will check it in service.


Service 3- 103 MIcky Conlon. Battle with Shane getting fierce now. Very little time between us.

Service 3- 102. Shane Mcgirr. Loving the battle with Micky. So just keep it going.


Service 3- 106 John Gordon. Looking forward to getting out in the dark for the first time.


Service 3- Jordon Hone is out. Pulled a wheel off.


Service 3- 3 Barry McKenna slippy on 5 but just aiming to keep the pace


Service 3- 2 Andrew Purcell. Challenging day. Only 3 cylinders on first loop. Keeps going into safe mode for some reason. Still a long rally.

Service 3- 5 Ray Breen list 5th gear but didn’t lose much time. Now needs to be fixed.


Service 3- 6 Ger Lucey list a little time on the long stage. But can’t fault anything. Having a good day


Service 3- 7 Niall McCullagh very fast long stage. Hard work. But good fun.


Service 3- 12 Stephen McCann. Hard to judge the grip. But with experience that will come.


Service 3- 9 Niall Henry. Long stage was a challenge it was starting to get dark there. Looking forward to the next loop.


Service 3- 15 Michael Carbin last stages felt good. Hopefully they won’t cut up. Great long stage.

Service 3- 10 Liam Regan. A bit narrow for this car. Mount gone. Might have lost a bit of time.


Service 3- 16 Mark Murphy has a spin and lost a little time. But ok. Looking forward to the dark.


Service 3- 17 Joe Hegarty. Little blow out in the manifold. Will check it out. Loved the long stage.


Service 3- 34 PJ O’Connor small bit of hedge cutting but all ok.


Service 3- 20 Conor McCourt sorted anti lag problems. So going ok now.

Service 3- 23 John Mullholland. Got a little dark there on the last run. But looking forward to it with the lights.


Service 3- 27 Paul McCann stage 5 was a little slippy and held up on the last one. But these things happen


Finish Interviews

Finish Interviews:


Finish 145 Jason Murphy found the night stages very challenging otherwise happy with day.


Finish 134. Loved the dark stages. Back on the pace in class again. Thank god.


Finish- 115 James Wilson enjoyed the night stages. Not sure how the times are because we caught some cars. Learned a lot over the day.


Finish- 137 Anthony Roche tough night stages struggling for grip.


Finish 119 would do those stages again if he could. Good event all round.

Finish 125 Sean Benskin had light trouble in the dark which makes things interesting. Otherwise it was great


Finish 124 Jenna McCann night stages were tough but very enjoyable. Big learning curve today.


Finish 123 Karl Fallis night stages where very tricky. Great event.


Finish- 128 keiran Lynch may have won our class


Finish- 127 James Dunphy happy to be at the end of the first event and all the car is straight.


Finish- 117 Ian Dickson. A bit tricky in the dark. But good. Happy to finish.


Finish 116 Jody McManus very interesting in the dark. Great smile on the face.


Finish- 126 Adrian Beattie. Finally finished. The curse is broken. Delighted.


Finish- 150 Emmett Cronin didn’t enjoy the dark. Got a puncture.


Finish- 114 Jason Dickson took a bit to get used to the dark. Good day.


Finish-103 Mickey Conlon tricky. But we did well.


Finish- 106 John Gordon night stages are scary but good.


Finish- 109 Jonnie Mullholland brilliant night stages. Loved it.


Finish- 107 Tommy O’Connell loved the dark. But had a bit of a slide and lost a heap of time. But that’s rallying.


Finish- 3 Barry McKenna loved the night stages. Great day.


Finish- 2 Andrew Purcell challenging night stages. No power steering at the end of the last stage. But delight with the result.


Finish- 5 Ray Breen. Night stages are great when you have good lights and notes. Great to be back.


Finish- Josh Moffett. Liked the night stages. It was good to get back out for them after the trouble today.


Finish- 6 Ger Lucey has a bad night stage. Hit a chicane and lost lights.


Finish-7 Niall mccullagh. Tough to get breaking right in the dark. A few hairy moments.


Finish-12 Stephen McCann we had great lights so the night stages were good. Broke a shaft on the last stage. So not sure where we stand.


Finish- 9 Niall Henry. Very lucky on night stages. Had a moment and glad to be back. Great event.


Finish- 16 Mark Murphy night stages were great. Enjoyed the event.


Finish- 17 Joe Hegarty tricky at night. But good. Brilliant event.


Finish- 10 Liam Regan. Challenging night stages. Broke diff.


Finish- 131. Scariest stages ever after the best stages ever. 😂


Finish- 20 Conor McCourt tough night stages. We got a puncture and lost the intercom. But we got here.


Finish- 34 PJ O’Connor night stages were good. Happy to get to the end.


Finish- 136 Patricia Denning. Night stages were good fun. Big learning curve in the new car delighted with the finish.


Media Zone closed @ 21:15
Many Thanks to all the competitors for taking the time to talk to us today!
Hopefully, We'll see you all in Limerick for round 2 of the Championship!



Race Videos

Interview form the First Service

Interview form the Third Service

Interview from the Finish

Race Videos|
Carrick On Suir

Interview form the First Service

Interview form the Third Service

Interview from the Finish

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